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of girls.


Established in 2007, TwentyTwenty transformed the lives of thousands of young people across Leicester City, Leicestershire, Derbyshire and Rutland. They supported young people who faced massive challenges and barriers due to mental health issues, chaotic family backgrounds, time spent in the care system, a poor school history, or unrecognised learning difficulties. In recent years through the Engage and Journey2Work programmes, along with solution-focused coaching, they saw the majority of their young people progress into further education, training or sustainable employment, giving them a brighter future.

However in January 2020, due to changes in the external environment,  they made the difficult decision to close the Life skills Centres in Leicester and Derby where their employability programmes were delivered.  They decided to invest exclusively in the grassroots community Love4Life programme, which since 2008 has grown to help empower up to 600 vulnerable girls every year, many of whom are at risk of exploitation and exclusion from school, to build confidence and make positive choices in their health, education and relationships.

Love4Life began in response to a growing concern for the well-being and self-esteem of girls from an estate in Loughborough. The relaunch of Love4Life has seen its own challenges with its launch just as the COVID-19 pandemic hit. The charity was then delivered another blow in 2022 when CEO, Aimi McCaffrey, was lost in a tragic road traffic accident. The strength of the team she had grown is evident as Aimi's deep passion for young people lives on. The service has now expanded across more areas of deprivation in Leicestershire, Leicester and Derby. 
"This Love4Life workshop made me feel so good about myself now. It gave lots of advice and help.

The staff were such caring people that were so understanding."

A girl after a workshop



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