We accept referrals from parents/guardians, schools and other support services. If you are young person aged 16-18 you can also refer yourself. 

Our services are completely voluntary.  We require parental consent in order to process a referral and will always discuss with the young person concerned whether they think our services are right for them before proceeding. 

To make a referral please click here and fill out as much information as possible.

Love4Life is not a crisis support service. 

Please note that a referral does not guarantee access to our services.  You will be contacted once we receive the referral to find out more information and we may also ask to speak to other involved parties in order to accurately identify the young person’s level of need and whether our services are right for them.  In the event that we are not able to help, we will always do our best to signpost to other services who can. 

We take our responsibility for safeguarding very seriously and cannot guarantee confidentiality where we believe a young person may be at risk of harm.



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